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Microscope and Ion Accelerator for Materials Investigations or MIAMI-2

Ion accelerator to explore radiation effects on materials

A new facility at the University of Huddersfield will add to academic knowledge on nanoscale radiation exposure on materials. The University of Hud... read more

Sustainable development council gains new member

Yokogawa is the latest large organisation to commit to sustainability improvements through membership of the Sustainable Development Council. By re... read more

Industry cooperation on university controls laboratory

NI has contributed further to Cardiff University in the opening of a new control systems laboratory for engineering students. National Instruments ... read more

Single pixel camera mimics animal vision

Research paper describes single pixel camera that prioritises focus on areas in field of vision of most interest. In a paper published in the "Scie... read more

Automotive safety experts advise on driverless car projects

TRL will contribute to the development of UK driverless car projects as part of the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund. Connected and autonomous ve... read more