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Artist impression of Beagle 2 on Mars

Novel analysis technique solves Beagle 2 mystery

Andy Pye revisits the Beagle 2 Mars landing to look at analysis performed to gain further insight into the space programme failure mechanisms. In a... read more

Driverless car funding in UK budget

TRL welcomes funding for CAV development and urges environment for domestic development that can meet international requirements. Following the Spr... read more

TRL supports phasing out of old diesels

Positive reaction to Government consideration of diesel reduction scheme needs associated encouragement to take up ULEV transport says TRL. Followi... read more

Clean tech acquisition for urban freight

Tevva Motors takes a further step towards developing clean urban freight transport with the acquisition of Vayon Energy Storage. Tevva Motors is co... read more
Unmanned Ground Vehicle Localisation Project

Vision based localisation technology for unmanned vehicles

HORIBA MIRA receives funding for defence industry project for autonomous vehicle control without the reliance of external navigation systems such as G... read more