Car maker sets sights on China electrification

Toyota is launching electric vehicles and fuel cell initiatives for passenger cars and commercial vehicles to meet China's electrification targets. ... read more

Autonomous ride sharing car agreement

Volvo and Uber have signed an agreement on the supply of cars for the development of autonomous ride-sharing vehicles. Volvo Cars has signed a fram... read more

Electric vehicle plant sets up in Czech Republic

Skoda is dedicating its factory in Mladá Boleslav to the production of all-electric and hybrid Skodas as well as electrical equipment for VW group. ... read more

Virtual proving grounds for online and offline simulation

VI-grade enters agreement on the supply of virtual laser-scanned proving grounds within its range of offline and online simulation packages. VI-gra... read more

Bold claims made at Hydrogen Council coalition

The Hydrogen Council is stepping up its efforts to bring investment into hydrogen developments for the energy and transport industries. At COP 23 i... read more