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The future of the automotive industry came under the spotlight at a recent user conference held by simulation company, VI-grade.

VI-grade has announced the official review of the 2016 edition of its International Users Conference. 176 engineers, managers, and simulation experts from 92 companies and research centers gathered from all over the world to discuss the latest simulation trends and to exchange their experience with other users of the VI-grade technology during the event that took place on April 12th-13th, 2016 at the Casino Gesellschaft located in the enchanting city of Wiesbaden, Germany.

The event, characterised by the motto “Bridging the Gap between Testing and Simulation”, offered the participants a very comprehensive agenda, featuring 35 presentations from renowned international companies such as Volvo Car Corporation, Porsche Motorsport, Magneti Marelli (automotive), Brembo (motorcycle) the LNMIIT (railway) and others.

The two keynote speeches from TASS international´s CEO Jan van den Oetelaar and Mr Ghisio, Automated Driving Technologies Manager at Magneti Marelli, outlined where future trends, namely assisted and automated driving, are leading the whole industry, highlighting the important role driving simulators play in researching vehicle dynamics in emergency manoeuvers as well as understanding the human behaviour triggered by giving up control over the vehicle.

Kai Fritzsche from Porsche Motorsport outlined the performance increase of the 919 LMP1 Le Mans race car due to the DiM driving simulator at Porsche which was established in 2014. Another very interesting presentation was from Multimatic, a big supplier and developer for international Motorsport teams and OEMs, who illustrated the inclusion of VI-grade´s simulation technologies in developing the new Ford GT road and racing car.

Carl Sandberg and Marc Boerboom from Volvo Car Corporation presented a paper related to model fidelity and quality enhancements for ride dynamics in the DiM simulator from VI-grade in use at their premises, whereas Ferrari provided a detailed insight about the multiple uses of their GT driving simulator in the development process of production cars, drivers training, setup and improvement of World Endurance Championship race cars.

The event, rated “very good” to “excellent” by 92% of the participants, also allowed for the exploration of ongoing trends in the automotive industry and future applications of driving simulators through a very interesting podium discussion featuring Sebastian Will (Psychologist at WIVW), Carl Sandberg (vehicle dynamics at Volvo), Prof Pfeffer (Uni Muenchen), Jan van den Oetelaar (CEO of TASS International), Giorgio Adriano (Bruel & Kjaer) and Dr Uhlmann (vehicle dynamicist at AUDI).

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