ICT news relating to Environmental Engineering including industrial control systems, the Internet of Things (IoT) and emerging wireless communications protocols

Cyber security company extends reach to IIoT

Integrated security services provide security cover for traditional IT assets as well as the extended industrial internet of things. NTT Security h... read more

Industry group examines industrial 5G deployment

Nokia to lead WIVE industry group examining how certain industries can make the best use of 5G wireless communications. An industry group led by No... read more

Pressure scanning platform for aerofoils

A system for measuring pressure in confined harsh environments has been developed for use on wind turbine blades, wings and motor sport aerofoils. ... read more

Thermal imaging cameras for diagnostics and maintenance

The IRC range of thermal imaging cameras from Martindale Electric provide real time imaging with spot IR temperature measurement for a range of mainte... read more

5G migration path collaboration

Nokia is collaborating with Telefonica on a path for efficient network evolution within the telecoms industry towards 5G New Radio technology. Noki... read more